‘Ex-Memoria’ is my first attempt in developing a video game. It aims at creating a dystopic land named ‘Doctrinia’ for the player to navigate through and incorporates a world setting that can be expanded into a full storyline in the future. 
It involves a strong imagery pattern that sets up the main tone of the landscape. At the same time, it uses other minor elements to build up visual and textual information for the player, who is set to be deprived of all his memories and relies on all these messages to rebuild his understanding of this society. The messages, along with the media that carry them, the televisions and graffiti, further enhance the dystopic mood of the environment.
The Basic setting of the game consists of three elements: 

I. The ‘Totem of Totalitarianism’, which is the image pattern that makes up the tone of the surroundings and keeps reminding the player of the fact that there is an authority known as ‘the Instructors’ that is manifesting its superiority and highness to the land. 
II. The Television, which are the main vehicle with which the authority uses as its propaganda machine. At the same time, they are, as the word ‘tele-vision’ literally means, stealthily also remote monitors installed by the authority for the purpose of surveillance.
III. The Texts, often realized in the form of graffiti, are the marks left by people from the underbelly of the society and provide the player with information from another perspective.