digitizing visions
in the spring of Fialta.


I am an engineer and designer currently based in Boston. I recently graduated from Harvard University with a Master of Design Studies in Technology and a Master of Architecture. Prior to this, I received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Zhejiang University. I also cross-registered at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for two semesters for classes in the EECS Department.

My interests include statistical modeling, data visualization and machine learning, especially for their application in spatial data analysis, generative design and urban data analysis. I also have experience in computer graphics, computer vision and AR/VR development. I enjoy solving problems in mathematics, programming and design. For more details of my past works, please read my project page.

I like reading about humanities and exploring the past and present of the world. I used to work with the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at Harvard University on the Harvard Digital Giza Project - a digital humanities project in Egyptology. In various points of my life, I lived in five countries on four continents.

I speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English. I also speak, with lesser proficiency, French and Portuguese. Other languages I learned in the past include Italian, German, Latin and Sumerian, each for one year. I have been learning Middle Egyptian since 2018.


Cambridge, Massachusetts
Guangzhou, China